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Flowing through life

Flowing through life

Spiritual Response Therapy – A Journey to Understanding and Great Release

It can be challenging to flow through this life with ease and grace. We often are not sure of who we are, what our life purpose is, or why we came here to begin with. It seems that we have lost ourselves somewhere along the way.  There are deadlines, commitments, bills to pay, schedules to figure out, inter-personal relationships, unresolved personal issues from childhood – ugh! The good news is that there is hope for clarity, and the opportunity to embrace joy.

Not to long ago I woke up and said, “How did I get here from there?” What I was referring to was how did I get where I was from when I was younger, and said to myself someday I am going to be a (enter childhood dream here) , to where I am now (enter here not where I thought I would be). I began to scratch my head and wondered how in the world I ended up “older” and not in the glitzy career with a bazillion dollars to spend.

Who Am I? After years of intense study and a concentrated study in philosophy at university, I finally reached an answer – I am a Divine Aspect of the Creator Source of All. I live and breath, and have my being in the Creator Source of All. I am my being. I live, I create, I experience, I learn, I create again. I hurt, I cry, I laugh, I giggle, I embrace love. I fall, I pick myself up, I start again.

What is my life’s purpose? To experience all that I choose to create and participate in; to have awareness that I am the center of my creation and experience, to become aware that I am a part of the Divine, and it is a part of me. So what am I choosing to create and experience? And what limit do I place on myself in my experience?

Why we came here? To learn in the place called Earth School. You have to admit this is one of the most challenging places to be with all the electronic distractions vying for that space in your head. The amount of forms of information in this technological world we live in is amazing. It takes a bit more focus to remain centered in our actual bodies, engaged in our 3D world lives, and creating an environment that is safe for our children to learn in.

Spiritual Response Therapy After years of knowing things other people didn’t (Gift of Knowing I Cor 12:8), and feeling other peoples energy (often absorbing it until I could shake it), I began to seek knowledge about my gifts and why they were given to me. Not long after I asked God to help me, I can across a healing modality called Spiritual Response Therapy.  It gave me a foundation for understanding all that I had learned up to that point, and gave me a place to put it into context and begin to integrate my gifts – transforming them to blessings instead of the burdens they had been. You see lack of understanding can bread disharmony where originally harmony was intended.  My greatest gift is that of awareness and understanding. Now I can flow freely in the clarity that God intended.

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