Day Three: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos

Special Invitation: I invite you to join me here for the next 45 days to set your intent for a happy and abundant new year. Have you made a resolution in New Years past and not met your intended outcome? Let’s take it one step at a time together. Easy and simple steps to set yourself up for the best outcome: whole, complete, and at peace within yourself.

Day 3
State out-loud: “I  am a Divine Aspect of the Creator source of all. I was created with intent and purpose. I am valuable. I am loved. ”

Take in a deep breath, hold it, and exhale. Visualize a warm sun beam coming down and entering the top of your head. Focus in the here and now. See the sun beam flowing from the top of your head down to the bridge of your nose, pause and breathe. See the sun beam flowing down your spinal column to your throat, pause, be in the moment, breathe. With your mind focused move the sun beam down your spinal column to your heart, breathe.  Allow yourself to feel, sense, or know the warmth of SPIRIT’s love. On your next breath send the sun beam down to your solar plexus, breathe and feel your knowing.  Linger here a moment. Then gently move the sun beam down to just below your belly button, fill this space with warm acceptance of who you are. Breathe. Focus your mind and release the sun beam down to tail end of the spine, pause, breathe, and send it down into the ground three feet below your feet. Breathe. Enjoy the relaxed state of being. When you are ready move your arms and legs to restore and raise your heart rate again. Become fully present in the moment.

Hold in your heart and mind these words: SPIRIT it is from you that I came, and to you that I will return. I am blessed in my daily walk with you. I open my heart and mind to flow in your Divine Love.

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