Day Four: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos

Special Invitation: I invite you to join me here for the next 45 days to set your intent for a happy and abundant new year. Have you made a resolution in New Years past and not met your intended outcome? Let’s take it one step at a time together. Easy and simple steps to set yourself up for the best outcome: whole, complete, and at peace within yourself.

Day 4
To embrace the future, one must first think of the relevant results of the now. Where is your life now? On what path do you walk?

Look into your mind. What are your constant thoughts? While your conscious mind is busy with daily events, where is your heart mind (or your thoughts)?  Be gently aware.

Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life. Proverbs 4:23

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