Day Five: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos

Hand in Cosmos

Special Invitation: I invite you to join me here for the next 45 days to set your intent for a happy and abundant new year. Have you made a resolution in New Years past and not met your intended outcome? Let’s take it one step at a time together. Easy and simple steps to set yourself up for the best outcome: whole, complete, and at peace within yourself.

Day 5

This is the moment where the rubber meets the dirt. If you have the desire to do something, be something, engage in something, manifest something: then you can.

If you can see it in your mind, and you have the abundant desire – you are half way there. The balance requires patience, effort, seeking what you desire, and walking forward in faith knowing that SPIRIT loves you and will bring about the circumstances to assist you with your desired outcome.

Today I would like you to make a list of all the excuses you have used in the past – I am too old, too young, too poor, to slow, to busy, under educated,or  unemployed. Some excuses may disguise themselves. Notice that each time you talk about something that you desire how you frame your words around what you say. Words can be limiting and we can place a fence around our abundance by the way we speak about our dreams. No dream is too big, and no dream is too small. As long as it does not cause harm to yourself or others – SPIRIT will support you in that dream.

Once you have viewed the list of all those excuses ask SPIRIT to help you step out of that limiting pattern of thinking and speaking about your dreams. Position yourself in the alignment with creating them.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Zig Ziglar.


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