Day Seven: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos


Hello Everyone! It is Deanna Gloyd founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love and Tools of Energy where students learn how to create positive, fulfilling, and more abundant lives through self-awareness, spiritual connection, and practice.

I am so happy that you have made the commitment to join me for this defining moment in time when it is easier than ever before to connect with the Divine and transform your life into an experience of abundance, purpose, and authentic joy.

Each of us is here for a purpose. To unfold our path we must first allow ourselves to know that we are enough and capable of obtaining our truest desires. Your connection with the Divine Creator Source of All will help you to enhance your ideas, thoughts, and actions; as well as, illuminate your clear path to an abundant and joy filled life.

In week one we have already begun to create the space to understand who we truly are in our own divine magnificence and allow acceptance of who we are right now. During week two we will begin to unravel our layers that keep us suppressed and begin to unfold our true self that is full of joy and seeks the greatest fulfillment of our inner child – who is just waiting to dance as a successful adult.

Day 7

On a plain sheet of paper drawn an oval big enough to place a stick figure inside, leaving about two inches between the edge of the figure and the edge of the circle on either side. On the inside of the circle at the top write: my direct connection to SPIRIT, and below that write: my unique talents and gifts.

On the outside of the circle write the words that describe how you feel about yourself right now that are not positive, or words that others use to describe you that are demeaning or negative. Then go back to the inside of the circle and write all the positive words that you can think of about yourself: funny, witty, smart, magnificent, unique, trustworthy, compassionate, interesting, well versed, educated, determined, creative, loyal, successful, helpful, honest, confident.

The objective is to place as many words inside the circle as are on the outside of the circle. You can also use this space to expand on your unique talents and gifts. On the outside of the circle you can use sentences rather that words to describe how others treat you in a negative manor.

Once you have completed the exercise turn the paper over and write: Today I am claiming my own space. I am defining what I am allowing in my space and what I choose to release. SPIRIT is preparing me to receive my greatest joy and fulfillment right now! This is my time. This is my moment. This is my space. Thank you SPIRIT!

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