Day Twenty One: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos

Hello Everyone! It is Deanna Gloyd founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love and Tools of Energy where students learn how to create positive, fulfilling, and more abundant lives through self-awareness, spiritual connection, and practice.

I am so happy that you have made the commitment to join me for this defining moment in time when it is easier than ever before to connect with the Divine and transform your life into an experience of abundance, purpose, and authentic joy.

Each of us is here for a purpose. To unfold our path we must first allow ourselves to know that we are enough and capable of obtaining our truest desires. Your connection with the Divine Creator Source of All will help you to enhance your ideas, thoughts, and actions; as well as, illuminate your clear path to an abundant and joy filled life.

Day 21:  45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

In week two we directed our attention to, and  unraveled, a few of the layers that have up until now kept us suppressed and began to unfold our true self that is full of joy and seeks the greatest fulfillment. In week three we will focus our attention on our Divine Spiritual Self and our connection with the Divine Source of All.

Yesterday’s guidance:  As you begin to walk in the new direction remain in the mindset of happiness and positive flow. Set the expectation that the Divine Creator Source of All is working out the details to lay out the ground on which you are walking before you arrive. Remain focused and clear. If your path becomes a little rocky remain in faith and act inforest the highest level of integrity. Our actions create our reality, as well as inactions. Become more aware of what you are choosing or not choosing that is creating your flow of reality.

Happiness is a mindset. It is easier to flow happiness when we are surround by circumstances that support our health, wealth, and relationships. Our outer circumstances gauge our inner value. If you find yourself in a place that does not support your well being – it is time to create a new life path that supports your desire to flow the happiness in the new year.

Happiness is an energy. Choose to flow it. How do you flow Divine happiness from the Creator Source of All into your current 3D reality? 

First have a look at what is currently filling the mindset space in your 3D reality? Here is a simple assessment of what is currently being directed into your mindset that can block the flow of happiness.

Step 1: On a piece of paper write the following items, one on each line: man insults woman, woman insults man, a dead body, an explosion, a man hitting another man, a woman hitting another woman, rapid gun fire, gun pulled to settle dispute, knife thrust into another person, mass destruction, bullying – emotional or physical.

Step 2: Take the piece of paper with you when you engage in your favorite electronic stimulation. This includes; but is not limited to, laptop, computer, television, iPad, I pod, tablet, cell phone, etc.

Step 3: Each time you see one of the actions listed make a tick mark next to that item. After the fourth mark strike it through for the fifth mark.

Step 4: Count the number of times in one setting that you were exposed to the discordant energies. These are happiness flow blockers.

Enough said.

What path are you ready to take knowing that you are total loved and supported by SPIRIT.

Take a moment, breathe, and state out loud:

“I am a Divine Aspect of the Creator Source of ALL,

I accept my Divine Nature

I know that I am loved, forgiven, and free to create my abundant, happy, and joyful life.

And so it is!”

Complete this statement with a deep cleansing breath. Sit quietly with yourself, ask SPIRIT to reveal Itself to you in your life. Know that no matter where you are in your life journey you are loved by the Creator Source of All.


If you need help I can be found here. Click on the word “here”.

By working with me you can accelerate the release of these energies and return to a more peaceful and empowered as you create the space for a happy and abundant new year. You will experience a unique energetic system that identifies the energies and clears them from your entire energy field; thus, releasing you to transform  in a more efficient manor.

What to expect: Together we will connect by phone, and use a unique energetic system to transform and balance your entire energy field. During our time together you will tell me about your concern and direct the course of our energy clearing. 

Common areas of concern:

*lack of abundance, blocks to money, or gainful employment
*conflicts at home
*feelings of self doubt, or worthlessness
*lack of meaningful relationships
*conflicts with relatives or friends
*significant health issues

Results: You may feel lighter, more at peace, and like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Clients who schedule regular clearing sessions have shared that they have more clarity of mind, and a inner space to experience their own magnificence.

For additional questions or request please use the form below:

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