Day Thirty One: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos

Hello Everyone! It is Deanna Gloyd founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love and Tools of Energy where students learn how to create positive, fulfilling, and more abundant lives through self-awareness, spiritual connection, and practice.

I am so happy that you have made the commitment to join me for this defining moment in time when it is easier than ever before to connect with the Divine and transform your life into an experience of abundance, purpose, and authentic joy.

Day 31:  45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Who are you?

Yesterday we took a look at creation through your thoughts, ideas, and actions, and directed your attention to look atdreamstime_s_30093980 your soul’s purpose.

When we are in touch with who we truly are and why we chose to be here in this space and time we are truly flowing in Divine love and resonating with our soul purpose.

Being in touch with who you are means shedding all the layers that society or others have taught you about who you are. When we first arrive in this body we begin to absorb everything around us to help us orient into time and space.

If we are born to a life of privilege then we absorb those vibrations, cultural norms, and expectations. If we are born into a life of abuse or poverty we then face a different set of vibrations and cultural norms. Our arrival into the human body begins our programming as to who and what we are in this life time. This energy becomes the basis of our existence in this life and can serve as a learning tool if we allow it to be so.

So what are the layers and how do I shed them? One must first become aware of the layers and evaluate them. Some of them are part of the very fabric of who we are, and we can choose to embrace them; as well as, learn how they are a part of our existence that we chose as learning tools in this life. Other layers can be considered toxic and once they are recognized they can be dissolved, released, or resolved within ourselves through diligence, action, and faith.

How do I recognize what is toxic, and not really me? The word toxic means venomous, dangerous, harmful, or a high risk of default. So ask yourself what in your life is toxic to who are you. What energy around you makes you withdraw? What creates pain and suffering? What do you find yourself complaining about to all of your friends and sometimes strangers who will listen? That is the place to start.

Make a decision to walk forward and create positive expression in your life.  Ask SPIRIT to assist you in identifying what is toxic in your life. Embrace the Divine love that is all around you. It is a consistent frequency that SPIRIT sends out, attune yourself to it.

Deanna Gloyd
Deanna Gloyd, Spiritual Mentor and Clairvoyant coach.

Would you like to get clear on what your soul’s purpose is? To embrace your Divine gifts? Or understand what is blocking you from the relationship, income, or health that you desire?

To get a reading send your contact information and two times best to reach you to deanna (at) radiantlove (dot) us.

I am working toward an automatic appointment system – getting the bugs worked out and will post it here when it is ready.

Here are recent testimonial: ” Hi Deana I wanted to thank you for your incredible work and insight. You have made a change in our lives and for that we will be eternally grateful.” RQ Dallas, TX.

“Thank you so much for helping my husband with psychic surgery, the doctors found he had only a small cancerous area after they had predicted a much larger mass, I will always remember what you did for our family.” SL Denver, CO.

“Hello Deanna, You gave me an amazing reading here in Denver at the fair a couple months ago. I have been thinking it is time to do another reading with you. I am really looking forward to working with you again!” AM Denver, CO.

Book a reading:

  • What is your souls purpose?
  • What is blocking your ability to be abundantly happy?
  • How are you holding yourself back financially right now?
  • Is your connection with SPIRIT supporting your true desires in this life?
  • Why certain people are in your life and how you can successfully release them from your life.
  • What is the current state of your health really telling you about yourself?

To book a reading use the contact form below.

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