Day Thirty Three: 45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Hand in Cosmos
Hand in Cosmos

Hello Everyone! It is Deanna Gloyd founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love and Tools of Energy where students learn how to create positive, fulfilling, and more abundant lives through self-awareness, spiritual connection, and practice.

I am so happy that you have made the commitment to join me for this defining moment in time when it is easier than ever before to connect with the Divine and transform your life into an experience of abundance, purpose, and authentic joy.

The Fountain of Spiritual Creation Energy is freely flowing abundantly right now and is available to everyone.

I am happy to announce a Very Sacred and Special offer please click here for more information.

Day 33:  45 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year

Are you spiritual gifted?252642_10151290441183768_1999178414_n artist unknown

Do you hear things other people done hear?

Do you know things without being told?

Do you feel things other people don’t feel?

Do you see things, beings, or other presence that no one else does?

Are you able to facilitate energy that can heal or instigate healing?

I understand totally. When I was younger I knew and felt things that other people did not. I thought it was normal until I was met with disdain and disapproval.

For a long time those things were shunned, and I was made to feel stupid, very different, weird, and unwanted by others. I pushed my gifts aside and hid them for a long time. In the church in which I was raised I was told that my gifts were not gifts, but a curse from the devil. What is worse is that I was told to repent, pray, and fast and grow closer to God. So, and here is the worst part, I did as instructed and my gifts only grew stronger. Can you imagine the horror I faced. So  I hid my gifts and was left alone to figure things out. It was not until I was in my thirty’s that a friend looked at me in horror when I explained my peril with my gifts and said, “What? They are listed in the Bible. What kind of church did you grow up in?”  Much to my surprise of all those times I read the Bible I had missed this scripture. And so it is in Idreamstime_s_3312840 Corinthians 12:1-11. I read this part of the Bible over and over and rejoiced that I was indeed not crazy, or weird, or the myriad of things I had been called over the years. I was gifted with beautiful spiritual gifts! I read more and found that it is written that Jesus, in speak with his disciples, told them that they would not only do the works that Jesus himself had done, but greater (John 14:12). So I was, and am, elated that you can except and share your spiritual gifts.

How can you develop your spiritual gifts? Begin by defining what they are. Then learn to trust them and develop a relationship with SPIRIT.

Many have been asking me to help them in this area so for the first time I am offering a unique event to assist you in combining the spiritual with physics. I am happy to announce a Very Sacred and Special offer please click here for more information. This is a three month study in which we will meet in person for three days.

Tomorrow we will look at how these gifts can help you have a happy and abundant new year.

Deanna Gloyd
Deanna Gloyd, Spiritual Mentor and Clairvoyant coach.

Would you like to get clear on what your soul’s purpose is? To embrace your Divine gifts? Or understand what is blocking you from the relationship, income, or health that you desire?

To get a reading send your contact information and two times best to reach you to deanna (at) radiantlove (dot) us.

I am working toward an automatic appointment system – getting the bugs worked out and will post it here when it is ready.

Here are recent testimonial: ” Hi Deana I wanted to thank you for your incredible work and insight. You have made a change in our lives and for that we will be eternally grateful.” RQ Dallas, TX.

“Thank you so much for helping my husband with psychic surgery, the doctors found he had only a small cancerous area after they had predicted a much larger mass, I will always remember what you did for our family.” SL Denver, CO.

“Hello Deanna, You gave me an amazing reading here in Denver at the fair a couple months ago. I have been thinking it is time to do another reading with you. I am really looking forward to working with you again!” AM Denver, CO.

Book a reading:

  • What is your souls purpose?
  • What is blocking your ability to be abundantly happy?
  • How are you holding yourself back financially right now?
  • Is your connection with SPIRIT supporting your true desires in this life?
  • Why certain people are in your life and how you can successfully release them from your life.
  • What is the current state of your health really telling you about yourself?

To book a reading use the contact form below.

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