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Energy Shift Update


Energy Shift Update

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Tools of Energy Protection. This blog will post once a week to keep you up to date on the energy shifts that are happening and what the potential affect on our bodies and energy bodies may be. Welcome aboard to 2014!

 Energy Update: This year is about changing how we “deal” with “things” in our lives. I have been talking to the boss and asking what 2014 is all about overall, and what can people expect. The answer that was communicated to me is that instead of working on problems or challenges as a main focus to change our lives. It is about looking at the outcome we desire and moving in that direction. The other energies will disappear as we fill our lives with the new intended outcome.

Here  are what clients are saying about Deanna’s readings:

“Hi Deana I wanted to thank you for your incredible work and insight. You have made a change in our lives and for that we will be eternally grateful.” RQ Dallas, TX.

“Thank you so much for helping my husband with psychic surgery, the doctors found he had only a small cancerous area after they had predicted a much larger mass, I will always remember what you did for our family.” SL Denver, CO.

“Hello Deanna, You gave me an amazing reading here in Denver at the fair a couple months ago. I have been thinking it is time to do another reading with you. I am really looking forward to working with you again!” AM Denver, CO.

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