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Energy Update January 19, 2014 


Energy Update: I worked with two clients last week who are experiencing shifts in their consciousness that they did not understand. One client discovered himself standing outside his vehicle with the engine running and the keys locked in the car. What he remembered was turning the vehicle off and then wondering why the radio (which shuts off automatically when the engine is turned off) was still on. A second client reported feeling off, experiencing an odd feeling of euphoria, but also felt displaced from her life – like this was not their life.

What is happening right now? People are experiencing awareness of the different time lines of their superconscious. This awareness may cause the person to question where their life is going, or they may feel lost along the current path: displaced.

More information: Each one of us is a Divine spirit being living in a physical existence. As a human being we are part of time and space. We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a superconscious mind. Our superconscious mind connects us to our Divine nature. Many are becoming more connected to this beautiful superconsiousness with their conscious mind – in other words they are waking up.  If no one has prepared them,  it can seem awkward. It is a bit like Neo in the movie #TheMatrix, he knew there was something greater than himself, but he was not sure what.

A closer look:  Our Spirit self experiences many different time lines all at the same time. We tend to think of them as past, present, or future lives. But they are all happening at the same time. In each life time our beautiful Divine self, our Spirit self, exist. The Spirit self extends itself down into different experiences we call lifetimes. In each lifetime the extension is known as our soul. Each soul feeds information to the superconsious self along its own timeline. At present the all the streams of consciousness are converging together to clear negative or discordant energy we are currently involved in, and balancing the energies so they are positive and in harmony ultimately refining our consciousness.


Here are a few tips to navigate this energy shift:

  • Have the courage to take control of your life.
  • Seek to understand your emotions.
  • Avoid negative self talk.
  • Strengthen your connection to SPIRIT, your spirit guidance, and your Divine Self

During an initial consultation, I teach my clients how to strengthen their connection with SPIRIT, listen to the voice within, and gain clarity on their life purpose.  Each client learns more about SPIRIT and their own personal loving team of light beings that are there to help them and love them along the way. Divine Love is the purest form of love and finding our own personal connection is the most freeing feeling in the world. Starting today use your own personal spiritual tools, reach out to SPIRIT and know that you are loved and supported. And if your are interested in learning more about how to listen to your inner voice, strengthen your daily connection with SPIRIT, or gain more clarity on your life purpose schedule your personal one on one consult with me by clicking here. The scheduler will allow you instant access to my calendar, and allow you to book the time that is most convenient for you. OR if you are not sure if this is right for you, send an email to me at deanna @ I would love to hear more about your situation and see if I can help. I will talk with you then.

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