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Energy Update January 24 , 2014 


Energy Update: The shifts of  the magnetics in this One Universe are creating a huge vibration that is fertile ground for us to either align with our Divine self, or awaken to our Divine Self, depending on where you are in the process. It is a call for all of us to align with our Divine nature,  to fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. This shift is especially powerful for those who up until now have been sleeping for a while – meaning not being in alignment with their true purpose on this planet. As my grandmother use to say, the sun is up and it is time to arise. 

What is happening right now? Take a moment to think about where your mind has been this last week. It is time to address that now. Either dissolve it, resolve it, or find a way to make it flow. Ask God / SPIRIT to help you find the truth, the love, and the light about what ever is bothering you. Listen to your Divine voice within.  Remember that the ego voice will tell you things that create drama, or trauma in your life. To this do not listen. The Divine voice from within will indicate what is good, true, and just. It will nudge you toward loving actions, and true self fulfillment.

More information: This week there seems to be a large interest in life purpose among those who I have worked with.oktoloveself Some clients reported that they had been working toward a better relationships with a significant other and recognized a larger cycle than the one they had been focusing on. The relationship with self. Often our loved ones, or those we choose to surround ourselves with, will serve in a capacity to show us what we need to learn about ourselves, to learn about our own Divine path. If you are in a relationship that is toxic and you feel squashed, restricted, or exhausted . . . now is the time to shift that relationship. It is time to love you.

A closer look: The magnetic field of the earth will undergo a tremendous shift between January 30th and and March 1st due to the alignment of the moon or New Moon (ref. Farmers Almanac 2014). This shift will lend itself to questioning one’s own value system – what has been supporting you and what has not.  It is time to focus on what has been undermining you emotionally.

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Here are a few tips to navigate this energy shift:

  • Begin each day by being grateful for what has supported you in your life path
  • Ask SPIRIT / God to support your emotional growth, and know you are loved.
  • Avoid negative talk aimed at you by others. If they can not speak to you nicely, then remove yourself from their direct contact.

During an initial consultation  this week I was able to assist my client in finding their life path. The client had many thoughts, feeling, and emotions that were just not lining up with who they had been told they truly were. When we are led to believe something that is not truly within us we have had to lead a false life. A life that was so contrary to our beautiful fully actuated Divine selves that we have been miserable trying to make sense of it all.

The absolute joy of my job is that I am able to release those energetic bonds and help you to strengthen your connection with SPIRIT, to empower you to listen to the voice within, and gain clarity on your life purpose.

Divine Love is the purest form of love and finding our own personal connection is the most freeing feeling in the world. Starting today use your own personal spiritual tools, reach out to SPIRIT and know that you are loved and supported. And if your are interested in learning more about how to listen to your inner voice, strengthen your daily connection with SPIRIT, or gain more clarity on your life purpose schedule your personal one on one consult with me by clicking here. The scheduler will allow you instant access to my calendar, and allow you to book the time that is most convenient for you. OR if you are not sure if this is right for you, send an email to me at deanna @ I would love to hear more about your situation and see if I can help. I will talk with you then.

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