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Energy Update January 31, 2014 


Energy Update: I worked with several clients this week who were seeking their life purpose with great urgency. The overwhelming feeling of a sense that they were not on their true life path – if only they knew they were in the right place. Your true life path or journey can be illuminated thought clear knowing, mediation, and your communication with SPIRIT / God. The truth is that no one else can possibly know what your true life path is. There are however potential indicators and guide post that can be accessed through the Akashic records to illuminate the themes and challenges you selected – along with the strengths that you choose as your assets. Your Spiritual guidance can also be requested to work with you in peace and harmony to assist to flow your purpose more easily and recognizably.

Is there a reason behind the great feeling of great urgency to find your life purpose right now? Yes!

What is happening right now? People are experiencing the convergence of the different time lines within the same soul expression. This awareness may cause a person to question their current life path or choices. They may also feel like they know what they want, but have so many unidentifiable blocks in getting there they are not sure where to turn next. Basically, if you are becoming more reflective about your life, where it has been, and are more interested in where it is going than you have been before – your right on target.

dreamstime_xs_36486778 Need help? Here are what Client’s are saying:
“A huge huge thank you! I definitely am feeling much better and even finally feel myself.” ~ C in Colorado

“Feel like a weight has been lifted! Thank you Lord for answered Prayers & Divine intervention of releasing certain burdens from me  Great things to come!” ~ J in Texas.

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More information: The urge to find and become at one with life purpose quickly has to do with the current energy shift in the One Universe. This is a coming of age so to speak in the universe. Think of it this way, if you have seen the Movie Groundhog (1993 staring Bill Murray) where the lead character repeats living the exact same day over and over again until he reaches a point where he learns what it truly important in life, then the cycle releases. He is then free to go forward creating differently. At this time there is a coming together of the many time lines where we have had the opportunity to try on, if you will, many different choices. It is time for the choices and the many aspects of our soul to converge and synthesize  what it has learned.  When the time lines that are the most similar converge, we experience what is called a dej vu, or a sudden feeling like we have done this before.

A closer look: Within each life plan we make major decisions and choices about our lives that change the way we experience our time lines: sometimes the choices are contemplated, and sometimes they are random. In addition, each major decision could lead to several different outcomes depending on how you choose to experience it. E.g. You chose to get married, and later wondered what you life would be like if you had not gotten married.  For each decision you make there exist another place in time where you made a different decision, and there is now a part of your soul self experiencing those choices. Those lives can be labeled as parallel lives, but I would describe them more as congruent lives. Sometimes the congruent lives are quite drastically different, and sometimes they are very similar. When the timelines of the similar congruent lives converge they can experienced as dej vu. Right now the congruent lines are coming together to blend, shift, and enhance your conscious awareness of your Divine Self. Embrace your Divine Self and enjoy the new awareness.

Here are a few tips to navigate this energy shift:

  • Have the courage to take control of your life.
  • Create in your life so that you are the energy in motion
  • Get clear on how you communicate with SPIRIT / God and listen

During an initial consultation, I teach my clients how to strengthen their connection with SPIRIT, listen to the voice within, and gain clarity on their life purpose.  Each client learns more about SPIRIT and their own personal loving team of light beings that are there to help them and love them along the way. Divine Love is the purest form of love and finding our own personal connection is the most freeing feeling in the world. Starting today use your own personal spiritual tools, reach out to SPIRIT and know that you are loved and supported. And if your are interested in learning more about how to listen to your inner voice, strengthen your daily connection with SPIRIT, or gain more clarity on your life purpose schedule your personal one on one consult with me by clicking here. The scheduler will allow you instant access to my calendar, and allow you to book the time that is most convenient for you. OR if you are not sure if this is right for you, send an email to me at deanna @ I would love to hear more about your situation and see if I can help. I will talk with you then.

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