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Energy Shift Update: February 8, 2014

Energy Update February 8, 2014 


Energy Update: We are between two new moons so the energy is fluctuating greatly. It is time to let go of any old baggage you have been holding onto.   

Is there a reason behind the emotional ups and downs right now? Yes!

The vibrational frequencies of the planet are really shifting because we have two new moons so close together. The energy this month is truly amazing, shape shifting, sadness inducing, poop dumping,  #freeing,  #uplifting, and  #aweinspiring. Okay the whole gamut of human emotion! Bazinga!

I have never experienced this kind of ride in my life. Anyone else out there having a time of it ~ or is it just me?

If you are feeling it too ~ then it’s time to let go. I used to encourage people to hang on during these times of great dreamstime_s_3519211energy shifts ~ but seriously LET GO! If you are struggling with a certain emotion, if it is got a hold of you and it won’t let go – then let it go! Dig it out! Forgive yourself! Forgive your parent(s)! Get help if you need it. I encourage you to make new choices – have courage and persevere.

“Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come. . . if it causes your down fall cut it out and throw it away.” Mathew 18:7-9

Steps to take right now:

  • If something has been bothering you, acknowledge it and find a way to resolve it. Either let it go completely or come up with a way to work your way thought it one step at a time.
  • If there is something that you have been putting off for a long time, embrace it or resolve to let it go. For a long time we have been taught to save things because we may need them later: those things are weighting you down. The Universe is telling you let go – let SPIRIT help you to evolve your well being and health.
  • Engage a personal coach to keep you on task, the most successful people in the world attend monthly mastermind groups to that assist them to stay on target and make reach change. If you are seeking an effective spiritual perspective, it would be my pleasure to conduct a one on one strategy session to assist you with your health, career, or relationships.

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