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Energy Shift Update: February 15, 2014

Energy Update February 15, 2014 


Energy Update: It is time to choose your tools. SPIRIT is indicating that the time is coming that we must choose what is going to keep us in a strong energy position for the next twelve months. There are some great shifts upon us now, and the indication is that we are being asked to be very spiritually connected and very strong. It has not been revealed to me as to why this is so important. So it just is. 

How to stay in a strong energy position.

  1. Take stock in what you are right now. Take stock in what makes your soul sing, think to yourself who am I right now?
  2. Make a laundry list of what is important in your life. e.g. if you wrote a bucket list, or if you suddenly lost everything right down to all of your earthly possessions what are five things you would desire not to loose. Then move your energies and your attention toward those things. Make a mental note of the people that are most important in your life: who supports you, who loves you, who can you count on unconditionally.
  3. Let things go. If you have a debt emotional or financial that is tearing at you, educate yourself as how to nip it in the bud and get it flowing in the right direction. Yes, sometimes this requires effort, consistency, and diligence – get it done! Make it a priority, you will need your energy for other things. If the debt is emotional, then seek forgiveness, or forgive: the weight of the emotions leaves you weakened, and it does not suit you.

It is time to choose your tools 

Ask yourself:dreamstime_xs_2901373

  • What are my spiritual convictions? Do I have any? If so where did they come from? Who taught me what I use as a tool by which to gauge the success or failure of my life?
  • What path are you ready to take knowing that you are 100% spiritually loved and supported?
  • Who do you pray to or communicate with? Do they offer answers and insight? Or do I feel like I am talking and no one is listening?

Based on those answers choose a tool. It may be mediation, going to church, developing your intuitive abilities, developing a relationship with your voice within, the Eight Fold Path, Qi Gong, Mantra, Mudra, affirmations, divining, etc.

It is time for energy in motion. On the fore right now we have a full moon that is shifting the bodies and energy bodies of humankind. Then we will have a new moon on March 1st and another on March 30th. The energy is moving us toward knowing how much we can stomach and what is time to let go. Be brave and move forward. Ask God / SPIRIT to help you every step of the way. Know that the help is there. Breathe.

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