Day Twenty Eight: 45 Days to Strengthen Your Connection with SPIRIT

Deanna Gloyd
Deanna Gloyd, Spiritual Mentor and Clairvoyant coach.

What is your purpose in life?

River detial

The Divine Creator Source of All, God, SPIRIT created each one of us with special gifts and talents that are to be celebrated and embraced in our daily lives.

At our point of conception SPIRIT filled us with a Divine purpose, and gave us a calling to fulfill our lives.

Sadly many of us have been told since we were children that our passion, our gifts, our natural talents were bad or wrong. We were made to “fit in” to a norm, and told that we must be a part of this norm in order to succeed, live, and provide for our families.

It is time to unleash your full potential and get a fresh start by flowing Divine love through your life right now.

When we choose to follow what we are told to do we can suffer from depression, disease, a feeling of being lost within our own lives. When we make a conscious decision to claim our Divine purpose, set our own goals, and fulfill our life purpose,  the Universe response and the flow of our lives become easier and filled with joy.

Learn first hand how an emotionally abused woman with no visible means of supporting her self turned her life around through faith, and is quickly on her way to becoming one of the most awe inspiring spiritual leaders of her day. She is currently serving and encouraging over 1,000 people on her emailing list, and quickly expanding into social media, personal appearances, and video training.  In January she was given the gift of White Light Healing Technology which she now shares nation wide via phone. This amazing healing energy has been reported to shift physical bodies, increase mental stamina, and restore a sense of well being.

It is time to discover your Divine self, your true talent, your inner strength, and your power.

How? by Discovering Your Life Purpose!

Over the last few months – the universe has been providing us with excellent energy to shift and change our lives. Huge shifts and huge opportunities to let go of the old and live life in full abundance and happiness!

Well now it is time to try on something new -what is that new? Doing what SPIRIT / God called you to do. How do you recognize your next big step into infinite abundance and happiness? How do you recognize your purpose in life? Find out March 12th at 11 AM Mountain time. Click here:sign up today

This is a free presentation, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Step1: Click on the Sign up today button.

Step 2: This will take you to a web form to sign up. Simply enter your name and email address.

 Step 3: An email will be sent to you instantly. Open the email and click confirmation link. Your in!

Step 4: You will receive the teleconference link, and if you can’t make it – no worries – everyone who signed up will receive a free link to the presentation, sent right to your in box free.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Do you know what your life purpose is? There is inside of you a measure of God’s spirit that allows wealth, health, and personal freedom.

  • When you find your purpose it makes it super easy to establish boundaries with others. When you find your own value within – then others will recognize your value. This can increase your value in the eyes of your employer and turn your job into something you love to do with people who value your input.

  • Your Divine Gift once fully realized may lead to your own financial independence in your own service to others as an entrepreneur.

  • Being less divided within yourself allows for clarity of thought, and creates personal freedom, and increased sense of well being.

Plus For Attending live there will be some additional free-beez and limited special pricing on how to embrace your life with purposeful creation with personal one on one coach with me.

Click on the limited offer ribbon below and get ready to unleash your true Divine potential!

 Limited Special Offer

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