Day Thirty Five: 45 Days to Strengthen Your Connection with SPIRIT

Deanna Gloyd

Do You Have the Right Ingredients?

How many times have you scratched your head wondering why you can’t seem to change your life?

 ingredientsWhat special secret could the seemingly successful people have the you don’t?

Why is it that you continue the grind everyday without true inner peace, and happiness?

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Ingredient 4: Willingness to Change

This is a biggie! When we find a behavior pattern that works for us, yet it really doesn’t bring us the results we desire – it can be challenging. Here are some things to consider:

  • What ever it is that is old or the thing that we keep doing – it is familiar, we know it. We have little to no doubt what we will get. It is a bit like the law of inertia. 
  • Change requires focused effort
  • Change requires that we know what it is that is not working and having the knowledge of what to change and how to change.

Here a some steps to engage in change:

  • Ask SPIRIT to show you what it is that requires changing in order to get where you desire to be.
  • Request that these things be shown to you in a way that will be easy to embrace.
  • Allow yourself to make a plan and take it one step at at time.

It is time to mix the dough and cut it into doable pieces in order to take action. See you back here tomorrow!

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