Day Thirty Six: 45 Days to Strengthen Your Connection with SPIRIT

Deanna Gloyd

Do You Have the Right Ingredients?

How many times have you scratched your head wondering why you can’t seem to change your life?

 ingredientsWhat special secret could the seemingly successful people have the you don’t?

Why is it that you continue the grind everyday without true inner peace, and happiness?

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Ingredient 5: Clear Cut Goals

Okay so you have heard it said that you must set goals in order to make forward movement toward what you desire. This begs the question – why? Wouldn’t it just be easier to listen to your spirit guides, or you inner voice and do what it tells you when it tells you? Wouldn’t it be easier to roll with the flow?
Or do what ever moves you? Seriously?! That would negate free will choice, and the true purpose of our soul which is to experience creative energy. 

SPIRIT / God made us a creative force. We are equip with creative energy, drive, and intellect. It is part of our soul purpose to use our gifts to create and move forward in the experiential world. Have you ever noticed that a person without purpose or drive appears to be listless? or becomes depressed? or even lost?

I am of the opinion that the reason for this is that when we are not creating we are not in the vibration of SPIRIT/ God, and our vibration frequency drops.

Clear cut goals give us a target for the focus of our creative energy. I have found that the more clear cut the goal – the faster we move toward that goal. e.g. If my desire is to get from point A to point B it is more expedient to walk in a direct line, rather than a zigzag.

A clear cut goal requires education on best practices for reaching the goal, reasonable time periods to complete the goal, clarity, and spiritual alignment.

Tomorrow we will talk about how to put your clear cut plan into action

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