Day Forty: 45 Days to Strengthen Your Connection with SPIRIT

Deanna Gloyd
Deanna Gloyd, Spiritual Mentor and Clairvoyant coach.

Somebody Woke Me Up – Was it an Angel?

About six years ago I experienced the loss of a someone who was close to me. They were very young and their passing hurt me deeply. I spent several days pacing back and forth in the back yard wondering why the loss have been part of the soul’s agreement, why it had been part of my soul’s agreement, and why they has not chosen to come into body for a longer period of time.

This bothered me so deeply that I would spend large periods of time in meditation seeking the answers1147521_10202036249334911_337782215_o as to why. SPIRIT / God must have decided to have mercy on me, because about two weeks later I awoke in the middle of the night and thought someone was standing next to my bed. In the past I had had spirits manifest themselves that the foot of my bed, but this one was up close and personal. I could have reached out and touched it. Of course I was not expecting it, and at first thought it was an intruder standing next to me, then I thought it was my daughter, but it turned out to be neither.

As I focused, I saw a silhouette of a person that quickly faded. After my heart returned to a more normal beat I fell asleep again. The next night I received the same abrupt shift from asleep to being awake. This time there were two figures standing next to the bed. One was slightly shorter. But there was no clue as to who they were.

Tomorrow – the reveal of who came to visit.

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