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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 2

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Why are your Energetic Boundaries Highly Sensitive?

It has been my experience that highly sensitive people (HSP) are not adequately educated as to why they tend to feel the energies of others more readily than other people. Instead they are shunned, picked on, or told they are too sensitive and made to feel bad about themselves. 

What I have found interesting is that a great deal of HSP tend to be in the professions that require nurture, compassion, or sensitivity in order to due their jobs. I have also met a great many of them in the accounting or bookkeeping profession.

I am of the opinion that each one of these HSP were born with a wonderful gift. The ability to sense the energies of others and things around them. If you can read the energy around you including those of others – then you can better position yourself to receive the positive experiences of life. In other words if you can see a storm coming then you can get out of the way. If you sense the blooming of an opportunity you can poise yourself to embrace the bounty. 

Because of the way many HSP have been treated and left uneducated about their gifts they are left to navigate the seemingly rough sea of emotions all around them alone. In order to protect themselves some HSP harden their emotions, or pull themselves into a shell to protect their wonderful sensitive nature. Either choice is miserable to the HSP because it causes who they truly are inside to wither and sometimes die. Others will give their energy to nurture others and then feel highly depleted, resentful, and unsure what to do next. 

So how does the HSP take that first step toward embracing their gifts without feeling depleted, or combative? The first step is to take an account of where you are right now. How much of other peoples energy do you take on? Can you identify what your emotions are verses someone else’s?

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