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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 3

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How much energy can you process and still remain balanced?

The second step is to know how much you can handle. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) it is important to be able to gauge how much energy you can process and for how long.

HSP who spend a large amount of their days with the public report that they experience extreme exhaustion, and relish their time alone. One woman commented to me that if she did not get time alone for two consecutive days, she could not perform at her job. She also revealed that working for long periods of time without a lengthy break in her day made her resentful toward her occupation.

It is a positive idea for HSP to evaluate all the different forms of energy they come across in a day, and how much of which kinds they can process. This will assist them in being able to flow their days and commitments more easily: areas to consider are work, home life, family, and recreation. Remember that the people who love you also require your attention, and can provide positive energy.

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