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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 4

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Why do HPS experience confusion?

It has been my experience that highly sensitive people (HSP) can easily experience overwhelm in a world full of highly stimulating circumstances (e.g. restaurants with TV’s in every corner, stores with monitors hanging from the ceiling, office with cubicle settings, personal electronic devices, etc.). 

When a HSP experiences too much intake their ego can shift into self protection mode and begin to create confusion. It is when HSP are in this state that they no longer have to deal with bombarding outside stimulus because the mind simply can not process it. Confusion creates a barrier between the HSP and the outside stimuli.

I like to think of this the automated attendant service mode. If you have called a corporation that provides an automated attendant it request we select a service option. Sometimes the service option we press does not match the programmed responses in the systems. So what do we hear when this happens? “I am sorry, that is not an option, please make another selection.” As the caller we experience a barrier, and are withheld from creating our desired outcome. Basically it slows the process down. This is the same action the ego takes to protect the HSP – it creates confusion to slow down the enormous amount of energetic stimuli.

Take steps to evaluate your immediate world, what interferes with your self peace? What is important for you to process in a given day? How can you best choose the stimulus and energy allowed in your space?

Are you having challenges processing energetic stimuli? If you are continuing to experience confusion in your life, the answer may be held in your akashic records, and could easily be cleared allowing for an easier flow in your life. For a one on one akashic records reading, energy adjustment, and additional coaching click here.

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