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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 5

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Dear Highly Sensitive Person ~ to start at day one click here

Why do HPS experience forgetfulness?

A Highly Sensitive Person has many sets of stimuli coming at them at once. In a single moment a HSP may be processing the environment around them (wall paper, detail of the carpet, shape of the room), sensing the feelings of each person in that room while evaluation their potential threat or social contribution to the situation, determining the source(s) of the background noise, processing what the person who is speaking to them is saying, formulating a response, determining when and if a response is necessary, thinking about their task for that day, next week, next month, working out an quantum physics equation, writing an article in their head and working out the syntax, communicating with their higher self, and attempting to keep it all together. In a single moment.

At some point that becomes too much to process so the ego mind of the HSP has to cut out something. Often it will begin to misplace various items, loose gathered physical data, or misplace various resources. HSP tend to be very determined and organized, so anything that blocks that can take the HSP off task. In some ways this is a level of protection, or a way out if you will. If they are focused on a single task, their level of focus shifts and all other sensory input comes to a stop until the single task is completed. 

Fourth step in embracing being a HSP is to remember to nurture your detailed self and allow it to organize when it needs to, allow it to set up a bread crumb trail back to center for times when that single moment becomes overwhelming. Find a point of relaxation to recharge yourself. Take breaks when you need to. 

How do you nurture yourself when no one else around you understands a HSP? Discover the step by step process in a free strategy session.  My email is deanna @ Or if you are ready to go full tilt right now  click here to book a session.

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