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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 6

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Why do HPS experience distraction?

A Highly Sensitive Person takes in all the information in their environment at once, with so much to process how can a HSP possibly become distracted? It would seem that their sensitivities are a distraction in themselves. But this is simply not true. The reason HSP become distracted is called shiny object syndrome. If there seems to be something more important or interesting than what you are doing right now – then off you go.

It is easy for anyone to become distracted these days: with the HSP it is a matter of learning to hone your skills, become better self regulated, and own a single desire at a time. For the HSP it seems that there is some much to do, so many flavors to try, and not enough hours in a day.

Fifth step in embracing being a HSP is obtain a notebook and make a list of each thing that interest you as you go along in the day. A shiny object list. At the top of the page write your objective(s) for the day. Stay focused on that. Anything else that comes up – jot it on the list. 

Were you able to focus on reading this article? Or did you find yourself distracted? We live in a universe: that means one song. Your song or tune may be off and require adjustment. Discover the step by step process to harmonizing your tune in a free strategy session.  My email is deanna @ Or if you are ready to go full tilt right now  click here to book a session.

Book mark this page, or click follow, and join me for the next 04 days as we discover the origin of high sensitivity, how to turn that around, and embrace it as a gift with healthy boundaries.



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