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Self Esteem Workout for Highly Sensitive People! Day 7

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Why do HPS have challenges shielding?

It has been my experience that HSP have challenges when it comes to shielding themselves energetically. Perhaps this due to the confusion between where a HSP’s energy begins and where the other persons ends. Many HSP have been taught to be passive, and offer their time and energy to others freely without any kind of filter. This is not because they are not able to shield themselves, but due to the lack of awareness and purposeful training.

HSP can also experience challenges spiritually shielding themselves. What I have found to be true is that HSP often come into this life with spiritual gifts. If they are raised conventionally there is little to no training or education on spiritual shielding, and little understanding on how to shield themselves at that level.

So what is a shield? It is the energy that comes from SPIRIT and / or the Universe and can be drawn into our energy fields run through our own energy outward. It then filters the energy between you an others. It also serves as an energetic boundary to other spirit beings. When we are divinely connect and properly trained it is easy to flow the energy and create the shields.

It is important to note that shielding has changed recently with the new energy that has been downloaded into the universe.  If you are feeling like your shielding has not been as sturdy as of late this is why. Work with your guidance to change the frequency and the flow.

I am available to help you check your shields and identify specifics on what can be changed to strengthen them. My email is deanna @ Or if you are ready to go full tilt right now  click here to book a session.

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