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Six Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself

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Six Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself

Plain and simple you are your biggest asset. Now matter where you go, there you are. If you are healthy and abundant it is easy for you to move around, gather information, intake nourishment, and thrive. So then it is in your highest interest to take care of and invest in yourself. Here are six easy ways to invest in yourself.

1. Take the time to get to know yourself. Ask yourself questions like what do I really like to do? What do I really believe? What do I enjoy doing? What do I least enjoy doing? You may be surprised to find out that what you are doing does not make you happy, it is simply a matter of routine, or a left over behavioral pattern that no longer honors you. Invest in yourself by releasing the old patterns and creating something different and more enjoyable.

2. Keep your commitments short. There are so many times in a day where we are asked to commit our energy to this or that project or event. We over commit, stress ourselves out, and then end up not delivering as promised. This can lead to feeling on inadequacy, guilt, and overwhelm.  Consider making less commitments, or learn to let a few go, which leads me to the next point.

3. Invest in yourself by deciding what is truly important. In this fast paced world our attentions are pulled at from so many directions. There is an amazing amount of information being presented to us as to what is important to pay attention and what isn’t. What is truly important is how you feel about yourself, and how you keep yourself healthy. So considering that – what is truly important in your life right now, and what and you filter out?

3. Set yourself up for Success. How many times have your rushed off to run an errand, and then got there without the list, or other papers / info that you needed to complete the task? How many times have you missed a deadline or important family date and then said: “Oh well, I will get that next year.” How many holidays have you wished you had a bigger budget, and promised to set aside money and did not? Take action the minute you realize that you missed the mark, and set up a system for yourself to align yourself with success.

4. Re-Evaluate Self Value. Who was the first person who ever told you that you had value, or that you meant something? Over time we encounter many people who can say one thing that shapes how we feel about ourselves for a lifetime. How we value ourselves often determines how we live our lives, and how we choose to embrace life itself. If your self image is less than stellar – ask SPIRIT to help you transform your thinking. You are a Divine Aspect of the Creator Source of All. You are loved, and if nobody has ever told you – let me be the first, you are a incredibly valuable person, and you matter: in the here and now.

5. Say Out-loud to Yourself: I Do Not Have To Please Everyone! This by far is one of the most important investments in yourself that you can make. Many times we are taught to be passive and try to make everyone happy around us so that we can be liked. Guess what? It doesn’t happen. It is the ugly truth. SPIRIT tells us that we can not serve two masters because we will serve one and despise the other (Math 6:24). So if you are engaged in serving the master of being a full time people pleaser, you will despise your own self. The self requires nurture, love, understanding, and being safe. By pleasing others you engage in being a chameleon which means that you are telling the Universe that you have no more value other placate others. Basically an emotional shape shifter – my question is how much of that persons energy are you taking on? And how much are you going to have to process before the next person comes along.

6. Forgive yourself. This would rank as the second most important thing that you can do to invest in yourself. If you are engaged in self thinking such as:”I can’t believe I did (enter item here), I am so stupid, how could I be that stupid, how could I not see that coming, what a (enter descriptive word here) I am.” Okay, pay close attention. Can you transcend time and find a loop back to just before your big snafu? No? Can you change what happened? No. So forgive yourself, make amends with others if needed, make a note to self on how to make choices differently, and move on!  Endless worry and despair about the event only creates negative energy and allows that in your energy field.

Remember that you are a Divine Aspect of the Creator Source of All, you are worth everything, in this whole world there is only one you. Take a moment to start right now, and invest in your best asset – YOU!

To your most celebrated self,


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