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Energy Shift Update: April 23, 2014

Energy Update April 23, 2014 

dreamstimefree_90315 Energy Update:  Whoo! It’s it time to embrace a new skin! The energy of this planet has shifted and many are feeling it with little understanding as to what is going on. Here is the clue – it is about your relationship with yourself. Many are still participating in the blame game – “well you did this, and so I did this”. They are lingering in the past of hurt, limitation, and fear. Take a good look at the world scene right now – there are limiting budgets for schools, head start programs, public assistance, etc. Many are feeling the pinch and are fearful. This is the lower vibration trying to hold on while the higher vibration continues to gain momentum toward triumph and ascension. Between now and October 8th it is important to focus on your relationship with yourself, and God / SPIRIT. Move yourself to inner understanding first, then reach out to God/ SPIRIT for help. This is like breathing, so think of it as a single action. Inner work, connection with God / SPIRIT. Repeat. Book online now for our Personal Journey Reading with Deanna. One hour that will transform your life. book online Put your finger on the daily energy shift updates at: facebook link Transformational Coaching is my home site. More about Deanna click here To receive special discounts, event announcements and more click here  ©2014 Healing Hands Network LLC

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