Three Simple Ways to Defuse and Dissolve Negative Energy

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Three Simple Ways to Defuse and Dissolve Negative Energy

Plain and simple everything is energy. We are in this life, here and now, to experience energy in motion or emotion. It is a simple law of physics that governs all the energy that we experience. If you are currently experiencing negative energy that appears to be pervasive in your life, here are three simple ways to defuse and dissolve it.

1. Change your Momentum.  If you are experiencing a mass of negative energy in your life, then the momentum behind it is to create more. To change the momentum take a quick check on the words that are coming out of your mouth. What are you saying about yourself to others? What are you saying to yourself about yourself? e.g “Well, I can’t do that because. . . ,” or “You never do this, so I can’t do that. .. ,” or even passing a simple judgement on someone else. Stop yourself, and create a new momentum be creating new self talk.

2. Transform your Inertia. Inertia is the resistance we experience when changing our state of motion. Emotions are energy in motion. So if your velocity, or speed is headed in the direction of abundance then it is hard to stop you. Your poise, speech, your actions are all in alignment with wellness and success. You are committed to taking action, and gathering all the prosperity this Universe has to offer. 

3. Identify Action and Reaction pairs. In other words for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you begin to transform your stating of being and embrace a more positive outlook in your life – there will be resistance. Sometime that resistance comes from within, sometime without, but either way it is good to identify it so you can begin to work with it and dissolve any big obstacles either real or perceived.

Take these few simple steps, and remember that SPIRIT tells us to act in faith, be consistent, and release doubt. If you are feeling energetically stuck and unsure how to change your momentum, a reading is the best place to start shifting both your self-perception and your results. Simply click on the link below to book now. Let this be your first step in changing your inertia. 

Remember that you are a Divine Aspect of the Creator Source of All, you are worth everything, in this whole world there is only one you. Take a moment to start right now, and infuse the positive energy in your best asset – YOU!

To your most celebrated self,


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