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Energy Shift Update: April 29, 2014

Energy Update April 29, 2014 


Energy Update: Welcome to Core Values time! If you have not already felt this shift – open up to receiving the influx of new energy – and allow yourself to embrace true Divine love. It is fast and furious right now, or very strongly encouraging change – which ever you find yourself feeling. The focus of this shift is aimed at your core values, your very reason for your past behaviors and experience.  If you find yourself questioning your core values, or reasons for past behaviors or experiences, and are not too sure you want repeat them – then you are in the right place!  

How to stay in a strong energy position.

  1. Take a good look at whatever is coming up for you – if you are unsure about a relationship with someone else – ask yourself what am I learning from being in a relationship with this person. Focus on the lesson they are teaching you and grow from it.
  2. Re evaluate your finances. What are you spending your money on? Is it an investment in your future, in bettering yourself or the position that you find yourself in in life? Look for new avenues to invest in yourself value. Learn to trust your judgement.
  3. What has shifted about your health? Consider food and exercise choices that you have made in the past. Become determined to make a plan in the next five days and put into action.

Cultivate a strong relationship with SPIRIT / God, and enhance a strong spiritual foundation.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my spiritual convictions? Do I have any? If so where did they come from? Who taught me what I use as a tool by which to gauge the success or failure of my life?
  • What path are you ready to take knowing that you are 100% spiritually loved and supported?
  • Who do you pray to or communicate with? Do they offer answers and insight? Or do I feel like I am talking and no one is listening?

Based on those answers choose a tool to begin cultivating your relationship with SPIRIT / God, or strengthening it. It may be mediation, going to church, developing your intuitive abilities, developing a relationship with your voice within, the Eight Fold Path, Qi Gong, Mantra, Mudra, affirmations, divining, etc.

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