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Energy Shift Update: May 1, 2014


Energy Update May 1, 2014 

Personal Note:Thank you to all those who are sharing with me how the energy shifts are showing up in your life. It brings comfort to know that others are feeling it as well. Letting me know what you are experiencing is being of service to others as we can all share the knowledge and wisdom. It is wonderful to connect with so many. >>big hug<<<

P.S. If you would like to add your voice here, either enter a comment below or send me a private email deanna @ radiantlove [dot] us and let me know what shifts you are feeling.

Energy Update: The current energy shift is effecting us in different ways depending on where we are in our lives and our personal journey with SPIRIT / God. Several people have contacted me that are normally not into metaphysics because they are feeling the massive shifts and changes in their lives and are not sure what is going on. If anything the world feels like it is speeding up and time is shortening itself. Whether this is scientifically true at this point or not – I can not say. What I can tell you is that the rate at which we experience time does appear to be accelerating. So if you feel as if you are running to catch up – your right on the money. This is indeed an exciting time as so many are being called to the higher vibration of the light (big smile). 

The secret to flowing through this time right now is to recognize what is stressing you out. What are the pressures that you are dealing with. If you seem to have an over abundance of them that is SPIRIT / God’s way of showing you that it is time to either change the way you are thinking about things, or to weed a few things out.

Remember that perspective is everything when it comes to processing what we are experiencing. If you are normally prone to high levels of anxiety and find that “everything” stresses you out -either all the time or in a given day – that is sign that you are being called to a higher state of consciousness.

So what does it mean to function at a higher state of consciousness? It means that the day to day stuff becomes less important in the area of what I call stressors. We have been taught that certain things, agendas, or expected ways of acting are set in stone and that we must conform. Any one of those things may become a stress factor as we push ourselves to conform to something that no longer feels right.

Exercise: Use wisdom to decide what things are necessary to take care of yourself and your family. It is good to consider taking care of the basic needs of the physical body, mental / emotional body, the energy body, and the spirit body. Take three deep breathes and go within, ask God / SPIRIT to help you see the truth of the situation and what it is time to let go of. Use this thoughtful consideration as you go forward: God is Love.

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Deanna GloydBlessings, Deanna

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