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Energy Shift Update: May 4, 2014


Energy Update May 4, 2014 

Energy Shift Update: The human consciousness is awakening swiftly and being elevated into a greater connection with Divine love. When the Creator Source of All put this Universe into motion, two poles of energy were put into place for learning. One of the poles of energy is love, and the other pole is fear. When we chose to come into this vibration, also known as the 3D world, we begin to experience those poles of energy.

Sometimes for greater learning we choose the path of self destructive behaviors, and sometimes we choose the path of uplifting behaviors. Either way we engage on a path of learning that is neither right no wrong – it just is.

We will learn whether we walk along a path of briers or a path of least resistance. It is our journey in the physical body between the two poles of energy. It is with our Divine nature, or spirit self, that we choose to either stay connected to SPIRIT / God or not. Eventually we begin to understand that God / SPIRIT is love and the true vibrational frequency of love. The closer we come to that frequency while in the physical body the more we see abundance, joy, and effortlessness in our lives. Does that mean that we do not have to take action? Does that mean we live a utopic life?

No, what that means is we live a more centered life. We are able to see the dark from the light, we are no longer snookered by the game called life. William Shakespeare put it eloquently in his work As You Like It, 1600:

All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts . . .

Where we are right now in the process is awakening. It is like we have been engaged in our own dramas for a long time, and we are now being reminded that we have a Divine aspect as well. A Royal heritage. This is especially true for Highly Sensitive People. You have be given a Divine gift, and extra measure of connection. It is when you choose to embrace your beautiful self and use the gifts that you have been given, that you will be able to transform your life. In my opinion a life with less pain, less absorption of others energies, and more understanding about your walk and your special gift and calling.

SPIRIT / God is calling your now – will you answer? 

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Big Hug, and I send love to you all – together we will ascend,


Deanna GloydBlessings, Deanna

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