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45 Day to Reclaiming Your Emotional Health

 Walk of Faith

Day 9: Working on Goals.

As we discussed yesterday it depends on what stage you are in order to recognize what goals are for your highest good in reclaiming your emotional health.

Goals are nothing more than simple steps from the place that you are right now toward the place that you desire to be. What I have discovered is that setting goals when one is emotionally drain seems daunting, so your first task is to discover as much as you can about yourself and your situation so you can identify with what is going on for you right now.

Most likely what is going on right now is that you desire more than anything else is to feel whole, comforted, loved, secure, and have clear and precise thinking. Basically you want the pain to stop.

Stop for a moment and take a deep breath. What are your belief systems around relationships? That might be the best place to begin no matter what stage you are in on your path to wholeness.  If order for you to become balanced and whole you have to have some concept of what that looks or feels like. So finding out what balance is, and what it looks and operates like, gives you a place to start.

A book that, interestingly enough fell into my lap today called Chakras for Beginners: A Guide for Balancing your Chakra Energies by David Pond creates a nice connection between our energies bodies and our emotions. May it give you some sense of balance.

As you are working through your current situation, above all remember to be safe. You know your situation best, and you are responsible for the action you either take or do not take. Make wise choices. Let me assure you that from experience SPIRIT / God will always give you what you need as you walk boldly forward in faith. Ask for what you need, and remain watchful for it – it will come.

Remember that everything is energy and energy can be shifted at the spirit level consciousness and assist you in decreasing the amount of time it takes to work through and shed emotional abuse energy. One of the additional tools that I use is called Spiritual Response Therapy. It is a spiritual tool designed to connect with energy, and shift it with expedience. It can help each person identify and release the old energy that has been holding you back or creating a stagnant situation.

If you have been struggling with connecting with SPIRIT / God or are feeling blocked in your ability to leave an emotionally abusive relationship here is the link to my on line appointment book I will facilitate Spiritual Response Therapy to assist you in clearing negative energy. 

We will work together to discover your blocks, clear the energy around them, and replace them with new energy and new understanding. 

What do you mean energy? And what does it mean to clear and replace energy? Here is a way to think about it. If your shoulders are stiff from stress and you seek out a massage to release the tension – what happens? Ideally the massage therapist releases the stress, and you gain the lasting benefit. What really happens? The reason we created the stress in the first place is not addressed and we end up recreating it. We again experience the stiff shoulders and seek out the massage therapist. By clearing the energy and educating the conscious mind you can experience an energetic shift and create new experiences. I.E. lessen the stress!

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It is time for us to rise out of the darkness and into the light. This is my journey. May it bring you peace, and hope on your own journey, and as always make wise and safe choices.

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Big Hug,

Deanna Gloyd



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