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Energy Shift Update: June 4, 2014


Energy Update June 4, 2014 

Personal Note: We are truly blessed to be right here, right now. There is so much love being poured out to us by SPIRIT / God! Open your heart today and ask SPIRIT / God to pour his love and favor on you. The Universe is in a shift of Spring time and the ground for our personal growth is very fertile. 

If you are experiencing a shift that seems to be in the not so positive know that this is the clearing out of old baggage. Yesterday I was surrounded by the energy of frustration. It was abounding everywhere! I knew that it would pass but in the moment it was not fun.

When you faced with moments that are frustrating take a breath and tell yourself: I have been here before. The last time I made it through – this time I will also. But today I know that SPIRIT/ God is pouring out his love, and the energy I am seeing is what does not fit into my world anymore. So I will let it go, and consider new choices and create more peacefully. 

Energy Shift Update: Many are being called right now to stand in the fullness of who they are. Are you one who is being called? What you may notice:

  • Feeling compelled to turn off the TV or Internet and spend more time with your loved ones, or investing time in new relationship with others.
  • Reconsidering who you spend time with, or do business with.
  • Moments of prolonged uneasiness, followed by prolonged moments of clarity and peace.
  • Questioning root beliefs, and searching for more meaning about life.
  • Seeing what surrounds you differently and knowing that there is something missing.

What does it mean to be called? It means that your consciousness is being raised to notice more than your day to day world. It means that you are being asked to bring Divine light into the planet and the Universe right now.

Do I have to change my life or do anything different? Yes, and No. It depends on your journey and your personal walk with SPIRIT / God each day. There are beautiful people in this world who spread light to children through day care, there are earth angels who are care givers to the elderly, there are office workers who shine their light to those around them in the day to day business world, and many others who provide a loving space for others to grow around them.

There is a wonderful way in which I connect with SPIRIT / God to accelerate my process and learning called Spiritual Response Therapy. The beauty of the clarity and enhanced connection with SPIRIT / God allows me to accelerate true inner guidance. The information can be shared to assist you along your journey and strengthen your connection.  Are you ready to connect? Let’s work together, my schedule is available here

There are many who are being called to become aware of their Divine Nature. If that means that you allow yourself to shed stress, non clarity, frustration, and fear, to become more at peace and walk in a flowing energy no matter what vocation that you find yourself in -then allow yourself to shift, and in that you will do things differently because the other way no longer resonates.

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Big Hug, and I send love to you all – together we will ascend,

Deanna Gloyd
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