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45 Day to Reclaiming Your Emotional Health

 Walk of Faith

Day 17: This is where it gets tough.

Yesterday we talked about neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and how we begin to absorb and pattern energies in this life from the time we incarnate.  What that means is from our earliest moments we began to gather energies, energy impressions, and language that we will take on our journey through the rest of our days: of course some consideration has to be given to the chemistry in our body, the DNA, and chromosomes. Fundamentally these are the building blocks by which our minds create beliefs, perceptions, and judgement.

So how then does that create the current circumstance that we find ourselves in with an abusive relationship? And why are we not running to the door in an effort toward self preservation?

That requires us to look at our past with an eye of science rather than a blame game. That it important. It is in our past that our beingness was programmed. It is from our past that our minds learned how to think, receive energy, perceive energy, and map out our lives. This is the place that our energy map was drawn. 

What is an energy map? It is the safe place where we allow ourselves to receive, perceive, and give energy. So if we were raised in an emotionally unstable environment, then we see this kind of energy as the basis for normal – even when it doesn’t feel good. Thinking back what does your energy map look like. This is an evaluation, not an opportunity to blame.

Tomorrow we will look at remapping.

During my recovery process I used an additional tool called Spiritual Response Therapy which accelerated my healing and strengthening. It is a spiritual tool designed to connect with energy, and shift it with expedience. I can facilitate that energy for you, you can book an appointment by clicking here 

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It is time for us to rise out of the darkness and into the light. This is my journey. May it bring you peace, and hope on your own journey, and as always make wise and safe choices.

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In Loving Kindness,

Deanna Gloyd



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