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Energy Shift Update: June 6, 2014


Energy Update June 6, 2014 

Personal Note: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-A my oh my what a wonderful day! Plenty of energy coming your way Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-A. Yes this is awesome – God / SPIRIT’s truth abounds and we are so blessed to be living in such a time of abundant love. If you have not found the flow yet, I discovered a few energy factors that may be blocking.

Energy Shift Update: There is a huge shift going on right now between the energy of prosperity and the energy of poverty. Many are being tested to their limits and wondering why they are in a state of lack. Well I had been asking SPIRIT / God that exact same thing myself. I was given the answer today and felt the vibration of the characteristics of both. See what you think.

Prosperity Energy: 

  • Plenty ~ feelings of wholeness, abundance in opportunity, wealth in relationships, enjoying health.
  • Confidence ~ in self, SPIRIT, others.
  • Focus ~ an outward motion of flowing Divine love toward others.
  • Trust ~ SPIRIT hears you and delivers the circumstances to bring about your request. 
  • Thrifty ~ Flowing what you desire without lavish spending.
  • Observation of Successful Others who are flowing and attracting prosperity.
  • Learn ~ willingness to seek the truth and wisdom and taking action. 

Poverty Energy: 

  • Lack ~ feeling lack, seeing lack, perpetuating lack.
  • Fear ~ pointing out or participating in any thing that creates lack. Fear building on itself.
  • Focus ~ on self and drawing energy inward toward self. Pity party language.
  • Protect ~ Blocking any energy coming in in fear that it will create more lack and feeling of self doubt.
  • Miser ~ Cutting funds to anything possible, seeking discounts from others by presenting a continual state of lack.
  • Critical of Successful Others and denying any information gleaned from them.
  • Pressing to learn more seeking an easy out answer, not willing to take action.

If you identify like I did with a few on the list that are not the desired outcome, ask SPIRIT / God to remove your negativity and replace it with positive. Know that it is done and that you are loved. Along my path I have used a tool called Spiritual Response Therapy to clear negative energy and replace it with positive. It has also strengthen my connection with the Divine and the Divine nature of all things. If you are ready to transform your life and embrace your own Divine nature, let us work together, my schedule is available here

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Big Hug, and I send love to you all – together we will ascend,

Deanna Gloyd
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