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Energy Shift Update July 06, 2014


Money and Income are hot buttons right now. The world use to thrive on greed and making more and more money. SPIRIT / God is shifting that vibration and greed is quickly becoming the old energy. If you desire to have everything you need and some extra shift your thoughts to being grateful for all that you have in your immediate world. Watch what happens.

Bring your attention to the “having” of physical objects, and notice how your family feels about the level of financial success that you live in. Is it all about having and possessing? Or it is about understanding and enjoying. Loosen the chains that bind you from the having and allow yourself to experience the prosperity and abundance of SPIRIT / God.

How to loosen the chains:

1. Notice your inside happiness. Where is it? Do you find yourself going to the store and shopping to purchase items that “make you happy”?

2. Evaluate your current out go. What is the focus of your spending? How much credit do you use when purchasing items? Is the value of those items worth the cost of the extension of credit? Or would it be better to take cash with you?

3. Take a look at what you already posses, and ask yourself what items do I have now, why did I purchase them, and are they serving my highest good?

If you know some one who is struggling with finances, please share this important message. It is important to look at all aspects of abundance and prosperity.

Many Blessings,


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