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Energy Shift Update: Jul 12, 2014

Energy Update July 12,2014

Welcome to the perigee Moon – a time where the Moon is closer to the earth so it can appear up to 30% brighter. If you felt a big shift today or last night – shazam! You are right on target, spiritually awake and aware. This energy will be effective for the next 12 days. 

What are some of the signs of this shift? Trouble sleeping for long periods of time, dreams that are crystal clear (or in which you feel you are “really” there) with people who are symbolic in your life, feelings of deja vu. These deja vu’s might seem a bit different from others. They are less pervasive, but you know you have been there if only for just a few seconds. They are also less profound than the ones over the last several months. Others signs are feeling of high levels of anxiety for extended periods of time, anger that runs so deeply that you can feel it in your jaws or the very depths of your soul, extreme feelings of self-doubt, and major wrestling with self-worth / self value. You may even find yourself doing things that do not honor you, and then wonder why you are doing them.

So what does all this mean? What it means is that your Divine self is being elevated to a higher level of consciousness. It means that you are shifting from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and 5th. The point of these shifts right now are to help us to shed old energy that no longer honors the true Divine nature of who we are.

An aside: There are quite a few Bible parallels in the New Testament where it talks about the souls meeting Jesus in the air upon his return. That is due to the amount of personal ascension they completed before Christ returns. What we are experiencing now is our calling to ascend our consciousness and leave the old behind. That is why people are feeling the pressure in their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But that is a more in-depth discussion than we have time for here.

Other things you may notice: A desire to do business with people of integrity, less patience with those who do not complete business fairly, increase awareness of government happenings, a lower tolerance for clutter in your house or car, a desire to develop close relationships with a select few people.

Do the best you can to move through this time, be patient with yourself and others. Allow yourself to move through space and time and take life on its terms. For additional help click on the White Light Healing tab on this page, or click follow at the top of this page for the latest updates delivered right to your inbox. 

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Big Hug, and I send love to you all – together we will ascend,

Deanna Gloyd

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*Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program, services, or guidance, and its potential. This is offered as a spiritual energy. Each souls journey is different and thus the results will differ for each person.  The testimonials and examples used are of motivated and dedicated individuals, and don’t apply to every purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any self help endeavor, it is the responsibility of each individual to consult their health care provider, legal council, or other professional as needed, and be responsible for themselves and their health.

©2014 Healing Hands Network LLC

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