We are on for this weekend, right?

I really need to pass this message along to you – your health and happiness are everything.


Yes, like you I use to think that my happiness did not go hand in hand with my physical and energetic health . . . but not anymore!


It has become glaringly obvious to me, after experiencing radical, thorough, and continual shifts in my own health and well-being; as well as those I am witnessing with my clients when I guide them through my powerful three month transformational coaching program, that the state of someone’s happiness actually contributes to their physical health and energetic well being.


What I have noticed is that the happier that I am each day, the less that pick up of other peoples energy, and the freer my physical body is to feel great!


I am so convinced of this that I feel very compelled to share it with you . (You see I really desire for you to experience the same freedom and shift in your life that I have seen in mine.)


That said, I truly think you would benefit from a little get together session I am having this weekend at the 32nd Annual Fall Holistic Fair September 20 & 21st (If you are unable to make it to the fair, be sure and send me an email right away so we can get started via webex, or by phone).


It is an opportunity for us to evaluate where you are in your life right now and set the course for you to uncover the reason’s why you are not currently moving forward in your life to experience authentic joy, health, and boundless energy on a daily basis (it’s totally fixable, now) and you will be lovingly challenged and nudged by me to stretch yourself into walking in a life of faith and courageous transformation (I will show you how, seriously).
32nd Annual Fall
Holistic Fair
September 20 & 21
The Ranch in Loveland, CO
McKee Exhibit Hall
I look forward to seeing you there!

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