Energy Shift Update 1/28/15

Energy Shift Update: The energy is shifting us where we need to be right now. If you are feeling a great resistance – consider letting go and letting God / SPIRIT guide you. All yourself to heal, to be joyful, and at peace. All things are being revealed right now. Listen with your heart.

Energy Shift Update 1/26/2015

Energy Shift Update: Are you feeling the drive to take your life to the next level?

Something deep inside saying hey there – get moving – what are you waiting for?

Well that is me! You?

Big shifts are readily available with the shift in the energy of our universe and our planet. God / SPIRIT is flowing so much love onto our planet right now it is easy to change a lifetime of hurt into a deep inner confidence! Ready to join me for the journey?


Energy Shift Update January 10 2015

Energy Shift Update: Things are getting wild and wooly right now. Self esteem is a pushing through where before it lay dormate. If you are feeling a great big urge to change things right now – set a goal, make a plan, and go get your desired outcome!

Many Blessings,


Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Get Results!


When is it time to live your best life ever? NOW!

How to master your thoughts!
See what is blocking you with new vision and move past it!
How to Overcome your fears!
How to raise your self value in partnership with God / SPIRIT!

Free Admission:
Who: Deanna Gloyd, Spiritual Therapist and Life Coach
What: A complementary tele presentation
When: January 12, 2015 10AM Mountain Time
Where: Dial 661-673-8600, then enter 871831#
Why? Have you said to yourself in the last year, “I am so done!” Have you been asking God / SPIRIT for a simple solution? Have you thought to yourself if only I could win the lottery things would be so different?

For the first time Deanna will share her intimate secrets about how she survived an emotionally abusive marriage, walked out on faith to establish a brand new life and a create a new vision that have brought her a life filled with peace and joy ‪#‎beyondmeasure‬ .

When you shift your mindset, believe in yourself, and know that you are loved by God / SPIRIT – everything changes in your life. You can start living a fuller, richer, healthier, and more abundant life.

This is very powerful stuff and miraculous things can happen right on this call – so mark your calendar – THIS IS THE BREAKTHROUGH you have been praying for!

And if you know someone who has been waiting for this – share it on their timeline now. IT may be the answer to their prayers.

Big HUG!
Deanna, Founder of and