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Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015

Energy Shift Update March 25, 2015

March is almost over – hang on. This shift has been a tremendous blessing for those who have been willing to let go of their “stuff” and embrace a new and brighter more joyous future.  If you have been feeling that it time to let a few things go, situations come to a head, or clean out certain closets of emotions ~ you are experiencing the latest energy shift. It is important to allow yourself to express what you are feeling in the most positive manner possible.

People. One of the most interesting aspects of this energy shift has been people and relationships. If there is someone who is not currently active in your life, but you can not stop thinking them or what they “did” to you, or “did not” do for you, this is part of the shift. The idea here is that it is time to let go of this energy, to forgive them so that you energy is clear and you can choose to create a different life of joy and peacefulness.

Forgiveness. This is one of the bigger dynamics of this shift. It is truly an aspect of raising your vibration and filling the holes that have been your weak spot in the past. The lower vibration knows itself. It knows where to go and is drawn to a vibration that is the same as itself. e.g.  Like attracts like. That means that if you are mostly of the light and have a higher vibrational frequency, you weak spot is like a target. You can try to defend it, or seek to hide it, but it will stick out like a sore thumb right now and cause you great irritation. The only viable solution is to forgive the person, incident, perceived weakness, misplaced trust, or actions of yourself or another. That is the place to start.

Other peoples behavior. You can not control someone else. You can control yourself, your thoughts, and your actions. If you are in a place where someone else is causing you a great deal of pain – take action and release yourself from the situation as quickly and as safely as you can.

What clients are reporting. There seems to be a large amount of colds and mucus discharge with this, migraine headaches, and challenges sleeping.

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