Month: April 2015

Happy Mother’s Day Share your #beyondmeasure story

  Do you have a story to share? Do you have a â€Ș#‎beyondmeasure‬ mom? One who walked in faith against all odds? Who never quit, made a positive impact on your life? Please tell me! Post your photo and use the hashtag #beyondmeasure or reply…

Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Short, sweet, and to the point. STOP COMPLAINING! This shift is making a noticeable push toward completion of issues and challenges in our lives. Time to let it go! Notice that things are wrapping up. You will begin the cycle again…

Energy Shift Update: April 7, 2015

Let me say that this last few weeks have been an amazing roller coaster ride of energy shifts and energy adjustments!  I have experience quite a few phone calls from client referrals that have never paid attention to the energies before – but are now wondering what is…

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