Energy Shift Update: April 7, 2015

Let me say that this last few weeks have been an amazing roller coaster ride of energy shifts and energy adjustments!  I have experience quite a few phone calls from client referrals that have never paid attention to the energies before – but are now wondering what is happening on this planet.
Well, in case you have been wondering the same thing, what is happening is that SPIRIT / God has set in motion energy to make it easier for us to shift into a higher level of awareness or consciousness. In order to do that we must first be aware of what this is and what it looks like. So here are a few indicators of what may be happening in your 3D world that will help you gain a little more understanding about what is happening right now.
Things that have been reported to me:
Major Disruption in Sleep patterns: I for one love my sleep period. Anything that gets in the way is not a welcomed thing, but with the change in the seasons comes the shift in the planets as they align to give us what we experience as Spring.
These shifts generally make us feel more energized and ready to clean our homes and offices, plant a garden, or just get outside and enjoy nature. It also encourages our circadian rhythm, or body clock, to stay awake for longer periods of time. If we take into account proper nutrition, optimal exercise, and optimal stress release ~ our cycles of sleep will fluctuate slightly but allow us to gain the rest our bodies require.
Over the last four weeks many have reported delayed sleeping patterns, feelings of unrest, unable to still the mind, increased amounts of aches and pains when laying down, shorter sleep cycles of 2 to 3 hours before waking and unable to return to sleep for several hours, and delayed sleep with increase tossing and turning. SPIRIT / God indicates that the massive shifts in the earths magnetic field combined with the planetary alignments of recent weeks has shifted our body clocks to allow us time to process our waking hours. This is optimal, but not necessary to rob us of our valuable sleep. The same outcome can be reached by allowing time for  meditation / contemplation, journaling, reflecting, or creating. The most important thing is to allow your mental body, emotional body, and physical body to rest as needed.
Massive Allergies ~ several clients have contacted me stating this is the worst allergy season they have ever experienced; yet, when they checked the index there was no indication of larger amounts of allergens. SPIRIT / God indicates that the planetary shifts have changed the magnitude at which the human body is processing exterior stimuli. What does that mean exactly? The magnetic frequency of your body has changed; therefore the way it interacts with its environment has changed. Things that have worked in the past, or simply not working now. 
Sharon L Taylor of Plano, Tx shared this on a March 2015 Facebook Post:
“I want to give a big shout out to Deanna Gloyd. As most of you know I strongly believe in doing things naturally. I DON’T like doctors and will do whatever I can to avoid them. Ask my husband. I also know that our body is made up of energy grids and sometimes when something gets out of whack then that energy grid has to be reset. I have been fighting bronchitis now for several days and it was only getting worse. Last night I could not lay down without coughing uncontrollably or blowing my nose to the point it was raw. All my normal things that I do were not working. So I contacted Deanna this morning to see if she would reset my energy grid. Within in the 30 minutes that we were on the phone and her working on my energy grid my coughing stopped, and me blowing my nose was chopped to a minimal. A huge difference between when I talked to her and before her call. I feel like I am now going to live. It has been 2 hours now and I feel better and better as time goes on. If you find yourself in this situation in then you need to seek her out. . .I am highly recommending her. She has an outstanding gift in which I truly believe.”
I give thanks to SPIRIT / God for the expanded work that I have been given to facilitate.
May I be of service to you? None of us can say that we truly perform miracles, but we can say that we are grateful to be the vehicle through which Divine knowing is shared, and the gifts of the Spirit are present. If you are experiencing any of these type “symptoms” from the massive energy shifts and would like to accelerate your shift contact me immediately at deanna @ radiantlove . us or click the contact link above. In addition to the regular session time this week you will receive andadditional 30 minutes free coaching to educate you on minimizing the effects of the upcoming energy shifts and adjustments! 
P.S. If you know someone who may be experiencing these shifts, I would appreciate if you would let them know about this information right away.You could be the answer to their prayers.
P.P.S. The additional session will be scheduled just a few days after your session to give you the best opportunity to fully experience the shift from our time together and prepare any questions. This is your chance to feel better!
Are you ready?
Here is where you schedule right away!
Big Hug!

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