Happy Mother’s Day Share your #beyondmeasure story

mothers day

Thank you to those who posted your story about your mom and how she influenced your life to our Facebook page. Here are a couple of the shares! I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating the great mothers in their life!

Heather Leavens August had this to say about her mom: “There is so much to say, I hardly know where to begin. I’ll just say she was the personification of unconditional love, and is my guardian angel. She taught us about life, love and ultimately, death. And that death is only a part of life. And that it’s a continuum. This is not all there is. Pretty cool!”

This is what Linda Smith had this to share about her mom: “This is my Mom, Agnes, or Ag/Aggie to those who knew her well. She had a sparkling personality, some might call fire, in her. A lifelong learner, she embraced the world beyond our known realm. Mother to ten children, she inspired us all to be independent thinkers and never stop trying…. Whatever it was we wanted to do. We miss her terribly. She passed away peacefully in late October at the young age of 86.”







Many Blessings to everyone! And thank you for sharing your stories!

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