It is time to let your light shine!

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Hi !
Hope you are having a great day. . . 🙂
In case you missed the earlier announcement, this weekend I am thrilled to be teaching Basic Level Spiritual Response Therapy class ~ and there are still a few more seats!
In case you didn’t know this is the spiritual basis for which I am engaged in all of my spiritual healing and energy work! It is the gateway to discover things beyond our normal 5 senses. So I would like to ask you a question:
  1. Are you ready to invest in yourself, become more spiritual, seek the truth, be of service, and have an incredibly high quality of life?​
This is an invitation to explore the energies that may be holding you back from experiencing a complete transformation in your life, and gain the insight and tools on how to break free!
If you could dramatically upgrade your quality of life, be more authentic and self-confident with your spiritual gifts, freely flow Divine love to those around you without taking on other peoples energy, would you want to discover how to shift your energy and heal those internal barriers you carry around?
If your answer is “yes”, then you have found the solution you have been looking for in this three day intensive class. If you want to learn more click here and register today to secure your seat. 
If it doesn’t speak to you, it’s okay . . .I know this is not for everyone. Remember, registration ends on Wednesday and we get started this Friday in my Loveland, CO office. If you feel drawn to be with us for this Basic LevelSpiritual Response Therapy Class, click here to register.
It is time to let your light shine!
p.s. Make no mistake, this 3 day class is a spiritual event. It is a sacred transformation that changes lives for the better, not just yours, but those around you who also connect with your energy and your ability to serve. It only ripples out from there.


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  1. Hello Deanna, I will not be able to register for this session as I reside in Ontario, Canada. The sessions sounds extremely interesting. Namaste, Veronika

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