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Energy Shift Update: June 16, 2015

Energy Shift Update June 16, 2016 


Energy Shift Update: Transformational Mindset!

Welcome to Who’s Energy Field is it anyway? Okay, for those of you who have not met me, I have a dry sense of humor and find it comes in quite handy when dealing with the not so happy energy shifts (big smile!).  Right now there is a huge surge of energy that is designed to strengthen feelings of true inner self purpose and value, and to dump the past history of self doubt programming. It is time to embrace your purpose and dispose of  what other people think of you.  

Think about all the input over the years being told what to think, who you were suppose to be, and what you had to do to fit in, or what you couldn’t do. How many times were your ideas questioned, or your self esteem squashed because it was not your turn to do this or that, or you were told that you would never make it?

If you have noticed an urge to feel more freedom in your life, a desire to wield more financial power, and a sense of urgency to gain more control of your life ~ welcome to tranformational mindset!

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As you attempt to gain more insight and flow this new influx of energy, you may begin to notice that you feel the presents of people from your past lingering in your mind or your thought patterns. What is happening is an unwinding of past negative programming energy. There is some part of you that is still trying to hang on to it because it it familiar and somewhat safe as it is what you have been use to. Stepping into a new sense of self being can be somewhat scary because it is unfamiliar.

This dynamic energy shift, once fully embraced, will support you in removing your own self-imposed obstacles. You will begin, if you have not already, to release resentments and judgments (on yourself and others). When this happens you begin to own your energy field and rid yourself of the imposing energy that others placed on you. Be gentle with yourself as you shift and transform your mindset.

Are you ready to transform your mindset, but not sure how to get started? If you are interested in finding out more visit for more details. To connect with me personally click here.

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