Creating traction to achieve your goals for this year!

Incredible! This year is just flying by, and I asked myself what have I set out to do this year that I have not accomplished or even began to create? Where am I in moving forward to embracing a happier and more abundant life? What am I not letting go of?
It is amazing to me how much we set out to accomplish or change each year and then somehow lose the momentum in the process of getting it done. Then before we know it ~ BAM ~ it is summer!

What are some of your aspirations or dreams for this year? Take a moment to write them down. Next to each one, write down how long you have had the desire to move in that direction. What are some of the things that you think keep you from moving in that direction?

Often moving forward and gaining traction is about finding your original passion toward making the change. To remind yourself that you can create anything that you put your mind to. Embrace that! Breathe it in!  You are are worth it!
Here are four keys to help you to create traction in achieving your goals for this year! 
1. Acceptance. Accepting that knowing where you are right now is where you need to be. You have made a choice to be exactly where you are right now and that decision is neither good nor bad, it just is. You are experiencing what you chose to create. Accept where you are right now. Be at peace.
2. Notice how you feel about accepting where you are right now. It is key to notice how you feel about where you are right now. Do you feel at peace? Do you feel lost or frustrated? How you feel is a good indicator that there is something more that you have been avoiding. A deep sense of longing to go in a direction that you have been at some level resisting. Go within and find that place of acceptance and pull out the strength for going forward toward your desired outcomes, to embrace what you feel drawn to do.
3. Awareness. There are many levels and layers of awareness. The first is that you can not be aware of what you are not aware of. What? That is to say if you desire to achieve a particular goal, and do nothing to find out how to go about achieving that goal – then you are stuck where we are and not gaining traction in achieving your desire. If you see someone doing what you want to be doing – study with them, find out everything you can about how they achieved their goal. Gain the awareness that is required to move forward with the least amount of resistance.
4. Faith and movement. In other words, find your connection with SPIRIT / God / Source and make your intentions / desires known: prayer, meditation, affirmations, etc.. Then take bold action and move forward in wisdom. The more you move forward the more you will experience the momentum and gain solid traction.
Something to consider: Each day take a moment to center your thoughts, and focus your mind on where you are going. Become more intentional in your actions, and notice what happens.
Big Hug!
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Deanna Gloyd

Deanna Gloyd is founder of the Personal Energy Management System and “I fervently believe that when we realize how powerful we are and are given the most authentically actionable steps, while simultaneously provided an environment where energetic blocks are cleared, hearts inspired, and know that you are loved by God / SPIRIT – everything changes. You can start living a fuller, richer, healthier, and more abundant life beyond measure!”

“I also believe by engaging powerful strategies for taking charge of your life, decreasing the amount of energy you unknowingly give others, and avoid the pitfalls of energy draining relationships you can unlock your best life ever! This is why I have shaped PEMS (my affectionate name for the personal energy management system) that gives you a whole new perspective, inspires you to grow from within, and helps you to avoid the pitfalls by tapping into your inner strength in partnership with SPIRIT / God. It is this healthy dose of success mindset and metaphysical teaching that shifts results dramatically – any existing struggles give way to transformation and abundance beyond measure.”

This innovative combination of spirituality, mindset, accountability, and an unconditionally supportive environment has transformed many lives. To find out more about the Personal Energy Management System click here.

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