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Energy Shift Update: July 20, 2015

Energy Shift Update July 20, 2015 


Energy Shift Update

Whoo-hoo! What an energy shift this has been for the last few days! I thought it was just me because of a number of personal issues that I am currently addressing – but after a few dozen phone calls from clients, newly referred clients, and a dozen or so people saying to me: “what is going on?”. I knew that is more than just me.

Here are the energies that are being described to me as having taken place over the last few weeks:

  • Unable to sleep for a few days, and then collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Colds or sinus infections for those who normally do not suffer from allergies or summer colds.
  • An immense amount of crisis like states in people’s lives.
  • Unexplained medical issues that seem to have no known origin.
  • Deep feelings of uselessness, or extreme self-doubt.
  • High amounts of fatigue that are unexplainable.
  • Intense moments of clarity and a feeling to renew old passions.
  • An increase in interest of knowing that there is something more to life than the day-to-day grind.
  • Increase curiosity in what energy is and how it can affect us in ways we do not understand.
  • Desire to increase awareness about emphatic abilities.
  • An urgent need to reconnect with spirituality.

This is the longest list that I have seen in a few years with so many different aspects to the shift. So what is happening? We are composed of many different levels and layers of energy. These layers of energy are being shifted by the magnetic pulls of the planet along magnetic lay lines. These lines shift periodically according to the placement of the planetary alignment.When these shifts happen they effect the electrical impulses in our bodies (physical) and energy bodies (etheric). As our bodies function as a whole, we are more likely to notice the shifts that are reflected in our immediate world, and thus deduce that strange things are happening. In reality, this is a shift, it is only shift (Big Smile!)

How can you navigate the shift? Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, shift away from processed foods, and allow yourself to see your true emotions. Ask yourself what do I truly desire in my life? If I had a magic wand what would I change in my life right now?

Then make a list of what is bothering you, and what you enjoy about your life right now. Take the list of what you enjoy and place it near your bed. Each night before you go to bed read the list and state out-loud: Today I am grateful for (having a safe place to sleep, clean water to drink, clothes to wear, people who truly care about me and love me). This exercise will help to raise the vibrational frequency of your body and energy body.

If you do not see the transformation that you would like or are still experiencing challenges, click here to set a time for us to shift your energy together.

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