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Energy Shift Update: July 27, 2015

Energy Shift Update July 27, 2015 


Energy Shift Update

Whoo-hoo! What an energy shift this has been for the last few weeks! Each day I begin and end my day by connecting into the energy shifts of the planet and the Universe and clearing the energy that has discordant properties. This process usually takes just a few seconds, but for the last three weeks it has taken at least a full minute if not longer.

Deanna Gloyd

So what does this mean? It means that there is a tremendous shift of the mangnetic resonance on this planet and our Universe. It is a time of great awakening, and a call for those who are sensitive to awaken and claim your ability to transform their personal space from unwanted and fearful energy. It is time for those who are feeling these shifts to awaken to the fact that there are shifts, and they can be quantified (measured) and qualified (something depends on another action occurring).

By what measurement can I identify the shifting energies? Energy Shifts can be measured in many different ways including magnetic, physics, quantum mechanics, and human experience. The later is my preferred basis for measurement.

Here are the energies that appear to be prevalent and are being described to me as having taken place over the last few weeks and extending into this week:

  • Unable to sleep for a few days, and then collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Colds or sinus infections for those who normally do not suffer from allergies or summer colds.
  • An immense amount of crisis like states in people’s lives.
  • Unexplained medical issues that seem to have no known origin.
  • Deep feelings of uselessness, or extreme self-doubt.
  • High amounts of fatigue that are unexplainable.
  • Intense moments of clarity and a feeling to renew old passions.
  • An increase in interest of knowing that there is something more to life than the day-to-day grind.
  • Increase curiosity in what energy is and how it can affect us in ways we do not understand.
  • Desire to increase awareness about emphatic abilities.
  • An urgent need to reconnect with spirituality.

This is the longest list that I have seen in a few years with so many different aspects to the shift. I have been covering energy shifts for a long time and generally work one on one to help clients make the shift, but this is such a massive shift and so many are reaching out for the first time – so to accelerate the process and bring uplifting clearing energy to as many as possible, I am offering a free massive group clearing. Click here to register for the free telepresentation.

So what is happening? We are composed of many different levels and layers of energy. These layers of energy are being shifted by the magnetic pulls of the planet along magnetic lay lines. These lines shift periodically according to the placement of the planetary alignment.When these shifts happen they effect the electrical impulses in our bodies (physical) and energy bodies (etheric). As our bodies function as a whole, we are more likely to notice the shifts that are reflected in our immediate world, and thus deduce that strange things are happening.

How can you navigate the shift? As my free gift to you, I am hostessing a massive energy shift this Wednesday July 27, 2015 at 6:00 PM mountain time. You can claim your seat by clicking here. As this is a live event there will not be a replay.

What to expect on the telepresentation – I will begin by introducing myself, and then make an energetic and spiritual connection with all those on the call. I will then work with SPIRIT / God to clear all discordant / negative energy for everyone as a group. Here are what others have shared in working with me. It is my desired outcome that everyone will feel a little lighter and more balanced after the experience. We will open and close the session with a prayer, and then everyone is free to go. Depending on the number of people attending, the length of time will be about 30 minutes.

If you are ready to experience the shift, please click here. There is no charge for the session, but you may incur long distance charged depending on your phone plan.

I can also be found here: for more details. To connect with me personally click here.

Much love and hugs during this time of great transformation!


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