Energy Shift Update: July 31, 2015

Energy Shift Update July 31, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon! 


Energy Shift Update

Hello Fellow Energy Shift Riders! As you can imagine the questions have been flowing

Deanna Gloyd

in about this huge and wonderful energy shift! So today I am addressing a few of the most prolific questions I have received over the last few days.

But first a big shout out and thank you to all those who joined me on the call last Wednesday for the free massive group energy clearing. The reports of immediate relief and release from the effects of the last shift described in the Energy Shift Update July 27, 2015 happened, if not quickly, dissipating within a day after the call.

Here are a few of the comments I received:
“. . .The night of the clearing my sleep was uninterrupted. . . I can tell you that the guilt I was carrying around has been energetically lifted thanks your clearing.” NW Denver, CO.

“I was able to tell a difference after the call, I felt lighter, optimistic and an internal joy that I had not had the entire day.” MR Denver, CO.

Thank you so much for letting me know your wonderful and blessed results!
Quick note as a few of you pointed out I had the calendar date and the day mixed up – so my humble apologies for that. I am again hostessing a free massive energy clearing on Wednesday August 5th at 6:00 Mountain time. Click here to register. It will last about 30 minutes depending on the number of people that join us one the call.

Questions I have received over the last few days. 
Why am I having trouble sleeping? One of the participants from the call on Wednesday reported that she slept so much better after the call, but the effect was not long lasting. This can be due to a couple of factors. One, our physical bodies are comprised of salt, water, and electric. These components are subject to the effects of mangnetic resonance. Once a resonance changes, the energy bodies within the proximity of the change will experience the change. The shift, although subtle, may be enough to disturb previous sleep patterns. Two, at a much higher level of consciousness our spirit body is being presented with the opportunity to shed unwanted discordant energy. Energies such as fear, low self esteem, despair, anger, depression, doom, doubt, forsaken, feeling unloved, or feeling unwanted. Part of the Divine plan with the energy shifts is to provide an opportunity to bring these feelings to the fore, and allow us to address them, and move forward. When we feel unable, or unequipped to do so, it can cause our sleep patterns to be disturbed.

Why do I have allergies or sinus issues that I have never experienced before? In wisdom it is advisable that you seek the information and practitioner that best suits your needs and your beliefs regarding taking care of your physical body. Beyond that there are energies at play in the Astral and Etheric levels of this Universe. There are 13 known bodies one of which exist at the incarnational or physical body level. What is happening is that the energies at the higher levels are being squeezed like a desert decorator tube. If discordant energies are not processed at the higher levels, they are squeezed down to the lowest level for processing.  One of the most common visible results of this squeeze down effect is the manifestation of sinus issues in the  human body. This is not to say that other areas are not being affected as well. I have had other reports of headaches, intermittent nausea, and unusual heart rhythms. Again practice wisdom and seek the healthcare practitioner that best suits your needs.

How can you navigate the shift? As my free gift to you, I am hostessing a massive energy shift this Wednesday August 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM mountain time. You can claim your seat by clicking here. As this is a live event there will not be a replay.

What to expect on the telepresentation – I will begin by introducing myself, and then make an energetic and spiritual connection with all those on the call. I will then work with SPIRIT / God to clear all discordant / negative energy for everyone as a group. Here are what others have shared in working with me. It is my desired outcome that everyone will feel a little lighter and more balanced after the experience. We will open and close the session with a prayer, and then everyone is free to go. Depending on the number of people attending, the length of time will be about 30 minutes.

If you are ready to experience the shift, please click here. There is no charge for the session, but you may incur long distance charged depending on your phone plan.

I can also be found here: for more details. To connect with me personally click here.

Much love and hugs during this time of great transformation!


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