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50 things I have learned being on this planet

1. Things are not always what they appear.
2. People will hide what they do not want you to see, but they will tell you everything you need to know.
3. There is no understanding a sociopathic mind.
4. Best friends are for a lifetime.
5. People who appear earlier in your life will generally fade away and then come back to remind you how far you have come, or that you are really loved.
6. The people who annoy you the most are the ones that you should pay attention to – they are telling you something about yourself.
7. Hate is a very strong emotion that once rooted can encourage you to do all kinds of things you never would otherwise.
8. Love is a very strong emotion that should not be confused with hormones.
9. Hot weather can make you cranky.
10. Menopause is not for the weak of heart.
11. Men really should understand that a woman thinks on so many more levels at once than he does that it is best that he leave her alone when she says she needs some time alone. She is really processing all of the boxes at once. She requires space to do so.
12. When her hormones are raging – it is not time to tell her how to “fix it”. Instead, nod your head and focus on her 100%.
13. Parents are not who you think they are, but grandparents are – they have had the time to figure out who they are, gain wisdom, and become set in their ways.
14. Time is not a reality.
15. Space is more than just the distance between your ears.
16. A dry sense of humor confuses most people.
17. People will try to form you into what they think you should be.
18. My college professors told me to write in a passive voice for many years which went against my grain. I learned to do it. Now it is acceptable to write in a strong voice and I am having to unlearn what I learned.
19. Absolute power corrupts.
20. Absolute power makes decisions blind to those who have different needs or perspectives.
21. Abusive people breed abusive people, or victims (harsh I know).
22. It is really who you know, not what you know that counts. But what you know is a powerful tool.
23. The world is a place of true wonder.
24. Traveling really does expand the mind.
25. Listening to your children does build their confidence that they will be heard.
26. Not listening to your children with your whole heart causes them to feel lost and unloved.
27. Spirit beings do exist.
28. The Bible was edited for content.
29. The Bible does not include a clear cut definition on the gift of tongues. Wondering why?
30. A closed mind breeds fear.
31. Fear and doubt create inaction. A very powerful tool.
32. A closed mind can be opened.
33. A fool convinced against his will, will never believe. Don’t bother wasting your time.
34. Crayons really are fun.
35. Having a sense of humor – even a dry one is a wonderful thing.
36. Getting out of your own way requires work, being honest with yourself, and lots and lots of determination and patience.
37. The seven fold path is awareness, desire, faith, willingness to change, setting goals, working on goals,completion and rest.
38. Mean people are mean because of the way they feel about themselves, and they are not to be listened to because they will drive down your sense of self esteem given the opportunity.
39. Boundaries are a good thing. Draw them quickly and back them up firmly.
40. If you don’t know how to do something, ask for help, learn how to do it, and then do it for yourself.
41. In college there was an end to the semester, an end to your degree. In life there is no end of the semester or end of school year, it is an endless see of pop quizzes and final exams that really are not final.
42. Investing in yourself is your primary goal and no it is not selfish. It will place you in a better position to help others.
43. Just when you get it all figured out, something changes.
44. Hating someone else does not achieve anything, it only creates wear and tear on your physical and emotional body.
45. God / SPIRIT will always provide a way out. It is up to you to listen and persevere.
46. Love really is the answer.
47. You can never truly know what someone else is thinking.
48. The more you know, the more you know that you do not know.
49. Never ask to see something that you are not ready to see.
50. The greatest gift this life can bring is when you can look back and know that you were loved.

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  1. Awesome! Happy belated birthday, by the way; you happen to have the same birthday as my best friend/twin sister, which was my original due date also. Did I ever send you my blog? This is it, if you want to check it out! 🙂 ~Camille

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