Month: September 2015

Special Energy Shift Clearing Friday October 2, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Here is your chance! Group Energy Clearing!  Energy Shift Update: Lunar Special Group Clearing Invitation is happening this Friday at 8:00 PM Mountain time via phone! To register scroll down on this page and click on the “buy now” button below….

Energy Shift Update: September 29, 2015

Energy Shift Update September 29, 2015 Super Moon Surf!  Energy Shift Update: The Super Moon Surf! As they say “Surf’s Up!” and it is time to ride the waves while the weather is good and the energy waves are too! We have twelve days…

Energy Shift Update: September 27, 2015

Energy Shift Update September 27, 2015 Sunday’s Super Moon!  Energy Shift Update:  Hello Fellow Energy Shift Riders! I have so much to share with you regarding this latest energy shift. These times are definitely exciting and I find myself running to catch up with…

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